Jun 17, 2014

Roxanne Hanna of Sunscribe Publishers

This past Friday, my critique group had the pleasure of hosting Roxanne Hanna, publisher and CEO of Sunscribe Publishers, a new South Carolina publisher with children’s, adult nonfiction and poetry, and adult fiction imprints. During her presentation, Ms. Hanna discussed the submission process “From Polish to Publish,” and shared advice, wisdom, and encouragement for writers who are serious about publication.
First and foremost, Ms. Hanna encouraged us to honor our commitment to ourselves as writers, and to take the steps necessary to turn our dreams into reality. To do this, she advised writers to: know your manuscript, know the submission process, know your market, know your publication options, and know your expectations, or your “Happily Ever After” as a writer. Ms. Hanna expanded on each point, offering advice on editing and polishing a manuscript until it sings, finding the right literary home for your work, and elaborating on current publication guidelines, among (many) other topics pertinent to today’s publishing market.  

Ms. Hanna also talked about the experience of starting her own publishing company, giving attendees a unique behind-the-scenes peek into the conception and launch of Sunscribe. A veteran editor and ghost writer with many years of experience in the publishing industry, Ms. Hanna has approached this task with dedication and precision. She and her talented team are also strong literacy advocates, and are working to make Sunscribe “Forward Focused” in all aspects of operation, from interactions with authors and artists to community outreach. I am excited to see what this fledgling publishing house will accomplish, as a local SC business and as a new entity in the vast publishing world!
Because I *know* you all want to know, here are some specifics about Sunscribe:
  • Sunscribe is a traditional publisher with three imprints: Dancing Squirrel Press (children’s picture book through young adult), Java Creek (nonfiction and poetry), and Sandalwood Press (fiction).
  • The submissions department had a trial run for requested submissions in 2013, and their debut publication list was selected from this batch of submissions.
  • They plan to officially open for submissions this fall, and will be open to agented and unagented submissions. (YAY!)
I just had to include a pic of the Sunscribe kisses!

For more information, and to sign up for Sunscribe’s newsletter inSCRIBE, you can visit their website at: http://sunscribe.net/.

And be sure to check out these opportunities to connect with Sunscribe:
Finally, you can follow Ms. Hanna’s blog here. Her topics touch on all aspects of the publishing industry, and her blog is always a fun and informative read!
Please feel free to share this post with anyone you think might be interested. This is definitely a company to watch!
Stay cool, have a wonderful week, and Happy Writing!

Sunscribe™ and imprints are divisions of Silver Sun Publishers, LLC.


  1. How very cool that your critique group had this wonderful opportunity!

  2. Becky,
    Thanks for placing a link on the SCBWI listserv to your blog post about Sunscribe. Enjoyed your summary. Well done! So exciting to have a publisher we know.

  3. Dear Becky,
    Thanks for posting the summary of Roxanne Hanna's presentation about her company, Sunscribe and her great suggestions to help us get published.

    I appreciate all you did to make this event possible.

    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

  4. I always thought starting a publishing company would be an impossible, if lofty, dream. I admire the courage of anyone who just went ahead and *did it.* Kudos to Roxanne Hanna!

    1. Thanks, Mirka. It was fascinating to learn more about what goes in to starting a publishing company--it is definitely a HUGE amount of work!

  5. Thank you, Becky!! I enjoyed sharing info and tips and love the enthusiasm of this SCBWI group!! Great Q's, too. Joan, so glad you invited me to the group!
    many thanks, Mirka, I appreciate your kind words!

    1. Thanks again, Roxie! We've had great feedback from attendees, and everyone learned a lot. Congratulations on this wonderful new endeavor!


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