Mar 17, 2014

YOUNG READER REVIEW: Picture Books and Mo Willems

My guest today is Tay, a spunky kindergartner with a boatload of imagination. This girl is going to go far in life, I just know it! I hope you enjoy her interview—she has some wonderful answers to my questions!
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Hi Tay! I am so excited that you are my guest today! Can you tell everyone a bit about yourself?

I am 5 and three-quarters years old and a kindergartener in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Some of my favorite things include riding horses, riding my bike, playing tag and hide and seek, reading, and going to the park.

All fun stuff, Tay! I know that you loved preschool and are really enjoying kindergarten. Now that you’ve been in kindergarten almost an entire year, what is your favorite thing about elementary school so far? 

I like recess and lunch and listening center and kitchen, which is one of my centers.

Do you have a favorite subject at school?

What’s a subject? Oh, I like reading and I guess it would also be working at Miss Newlin’s table.

I’m so glad that you love to read—that was always my favorite subject in school, too! What is your very favorite book these days?

Why is There a Monster in My Classroom? is probably my favorite. My Daddy wrote it. I like it best because there are all types of “creatures” that come into the classroom. It’s about a girl who has a lot of “pets” that follow her to school, and they get to sit in her class.
I also like No Such Thing. In this book, there is a kid and a monster and two moms (one for each of them). The Moms don’t believe that the other one exists. In the end, the monster climbs in the bed and the boy crawls under the bed and they both call out, “Mommy, come quick!”

And I like the one with the goose and the fox – That is Not a Good Idea!, by Mo Willems. 

That looks like a great book! What other kinds of books do you like to read?

Elephant and Piggie books.

So you are a Mo Willems fan! If you could read a story about anything in the world, what would it be about?

About a horse and a bunny.

What do you think it is important for authors to know about the kids who read their books?

Make sure you put things that we like in your books.  And to know which books we like to read at night.

Wonderful advice, Tay! And I have to ask—what would you like to be when you grow up?

That’s easy – a horse trainer. And a singer.

Now that sounds like a fun work combination!☺Thanks again for joining us today, Tay!


  1. Another Mo Willems fan here! I would definitely read a book about a horse and a bunny. :-)

    1. Me too, Anna! I think Tay may be on to something! = )

  2. Aw, I love that she's almost six! Fractions count at this age. Funny, my daughter who is 12 would've answered similarly. Some things, like horses, bunnies and funnies are timeless.

    1. I think a lot of little girls would enjoy this combo! = )

  3. Tay's recommendations are solid, not least the one of her dad's book. Thank you, Tay, for telling us about it.

  4. Tay sure gave some wonderful writing advice there at the end! =)

    1. She really did get right to the heart of the matter, didn't she? = )

  5. What a wonderful interview, with one of my favorite spunky kindergartners! Tay may dream of singing and training horses - but my money is on "Tay the Writer"! Great interview, Becky!

    1. Thanks, Ann! And I agree--I bet Tay could come up with some fabulous stories!

  6. Cute interview--yay for Tay!

  7. Such a fun interview! My favorite thing about school was always recess and lunch too ;)


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