Mar 7, 2014


Thanks so much to Margaret at Reflections on the Teche 
for hosting this week's Poetry Friday Roundup!
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For Poetry Friday today, I thought I’d revisit one of my favorite poetic formats, math poems. Math poetry combines creative writing with mathematical equations to create fun poems that appeal to a wide audience. (I have seen kids who say they “hate” writing poetry become very excited about writing math poems!)

A math poem follows the format of a mathematical equation. This can be a simple equation or it can be much more complicated. (For more information about math poems, read this post and this post.) Below I’ve written a few examples, ranging from simple to a little more complicated:

peanut butter + jelly + bread = PBJ sandwich               

                                                                   gentle rain       
                                                                 + warm bed
                                                        good night's sleep
2(boy) + pjs + movie = family fun night 
And here’s one for those of you who are laboring away at revisions:
∞(draft) + ∞(critique + edit) + editorial genius + revision(however many it takes) + (critique from very tolerant critique partner + edit) = final manuscript
*Special shout out to my very tolerant critique partner!*

If you’d like to try your own math poem, I’d love to see it in the comments! Happy Writing!  
* * * Be sure to check out all of the wonderful math poems in the comments section!* * *


  1. I've never heard of these! Very cool I'll have to try this with my children. Let's see, weekend+no where I have to be=sleeping in.

  2. I love these! Thanks for reminding me of a "form" my reluctant poets might like to try. What's that picture book full of these called? Hm...I'll have to scan my titles and pull it out as a mentor text to use along with this post!

    1. Are you thinking of Mathematickles, by Betsy Franco? It is a fabulous book!

  3. I never knew about math poems. How fun!

  4. crazy day at work yesterday + off of work today = one super duper happy girl!!!

  5. Migraine ÷ Tylenol = Pain Relief OR (on a happier note) Birthday cake + candles = Celebration
    I'm really enjoying these!

  6. What a simple, fun form, Becky! Poetry+Love = Tapestry of Words

    1. That one made my day, Michelle--thanks so much! = )

  7. Azalea blossoms+cardinal songs= Spring is here!

  8. Just seeing this now, Becky. Somehow I missed it before. I especially like your "good night's sleep" one.
    promises x hopes / inertia = the odds of exercising


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