Nov 10, 2015

SUNSHINE at last!

I am normally someone who enjoys cool, rainy fall days—it’s the perfect weather for settling in and getting some writing done, and encourages me to stay inside and work. However, after days and DAYS of rain, I am so happy to see the sun shining today!

There's some sunshine, and even some blue sky. We really hit the jackpot today!

I love the leaves in the fall, especially with sunlight filtering through, and with a stretch of several cool, SUNNY days in our upcoming forecast, I am looking forward to getting outside and catching up on my Vitamin D. I have gotten quite a bit of writing-related work accomplished over the last few weeks, though. What is your “perfect weather” for making progress with your writing, completing projects, or just staying focused and on task ? I am interesting in hearing what others have to say, so please share in the comments below!

I have another reason for celebrating today aside from the beautiful weather—I just found out that my poem “Monster Bash” was one of the Best Descriptive/Mood Piece winners in Susanna Leonard Hill’s Halloweensie contest, which I posted about on October 30th! Thank you so much, Susanna! For a list of all the winners, including the outstanding top 10 (who won AMAZING PRIZES!!!), please check out Susanna’s post here

Have a wonderful week everyone, and Happy Writing! 


  1. I'm chuckling here, we have gotten some nice rains but are begging for more. This weekend when the sun came out some of us groaned :). But I know what it is like to go days and days without sunshine, one January where I lived it was cloudy almost every single day, the morning the sun rose in a clear sky all of us in town were grinning like crazy!

  2. AMEN to the sunshine, Becky!!! And congratulations on your poem!!!
    For me hot afternoons are perfect for staying indoors to write as well as rainy days. Sometimes when I sit out on my porch to read and write, I forget because the birds and squirrels are so entertaining. After an hour has passed and I've not done much, I make myself go back to my office. The real work gets done there even though I have a nice view.

  3. Dear Becky,
    Congratulations on your poem rising to the top in the contest! Go, Becky.

  4. Congrats! I'm a sunny kinda girl too. Although I do like a light rain.


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