Sep 22, 2015

Eric Whitacre's Musical Rendition of Goodnight Moon

I am a huge fan of modern classical composer/conductor/musician Eric Whitacre. His music is beautiful and ethereal, and listening to his compositions can be as captivating and soothing as getting lost in a really good book.

One of my favorite pieces by Whitacre is his musical rendition of Margaret Wise Brown’s children’s classic, Goodnight Moon, from his 2012 CD Water Night. When my boys were little, we read this book every single night. My memories of Goodnight Moon are intertwined with recollections of baby kisses, nighttime cuddles, and the simple sweetness of my boys as infants and toddlers. The text of the book soars with the melody and wraps the listener in an amazing blend of music, words, and (in my case) poignant memories. It is simply beautiful!

Please check out Whitacre's website here, where he talks about reading Goodnight Moon to his own young son. And here's an excerpt of Goodnight Moon, performed by Whitacre's wife, soprano Hila Pitmann. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have.☺

Have a great week, and Happy Writing!


  1. How, how evocative even the mention of this book, a sort of secular bedtime prayer for many generations across this land.

  2. I agree, Mirka. It is definitely in the collective consciousness of our time.

  3. Dear Becky,
    Thanks for sharing this. It is a real treat!

  4. She has a beautiful voice! So neat that it's a picture book they chose to sing.

  5. That is really something! I never knew.
    Have fun at the conference this weekend, Becky. I'll miss seeing you.

  6. I'll definitely watch that video once my baby niece is awake from her nap (sleeping behind me now ...). It's a first for me ~ hearing a picture book as a song!


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