May 9, 2014

POETRY FRIDAY: Book Spine Poetry

Thanks to Jama at Jama's Alphabet Soup for hosting Poetry Friday today!
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I have been out of the blogging loop the last few weeks, but for a good reason—I have been pushing through the last stages of a major revision of one of my manuscripts. This whole rewrite has taken me around six months, and then about a month ago I had to make a few more structural changes. I’ve always loved the revision process and this one has really stretched me as a writer. I’m looking forward to getting feedback from a few trusted writer friends, doing a final revision, and then sending my manuscript along its merry way. But more than anything I am looking forward to working on my next book—it feels so good to know that will happen SOON! ☺

To celebrate all things BOOKS, I thought I would share some book spine poetry today! Book spine poems are created by gathering different books and stacking them so that the titles create a poem. This is a very creative, free, and flexible type of poetry!

In preparation for a poetry lesson that I presented to some fifth graders a few weeks ago, I visited my local library and set to work creating a few book spine poems of my own. Here is an example of a book spine poem I created using picture books:

And here is one I “wrote” using titles of Newbery Award winning books:
The kids were so excited about this poetic format—one class even took a trip to their school library to create book spine poems of their own! As I shared with the kids, book spine poetry can quickly wreak havoc upon a library’s organizational system. To circumnavigate this problem, I used several of the books on the “to be shelved” cart and then was careful to keep track of where I found the others so I could return everything at the end of my “writing session.”

Try creating your own book spine poem sometime soon. This unique creative process engages a slightly different writing muscle than straightforward writing, and is a lot of fun!
Happy Friday, and Happy Writing!


  1. Fun spine poems, Becky! Congratulations on wrapping up your ms revisions. That must feel pretty darn good.

  2. Great book spine poems, Becky. Especially love the first one with the foodie titles :).

  3. Oh, I bet the kids did love this! I wonder how many went home and showed their parents. =) Spine poetry is a lot of fun.

  4. Ohmigosh, that's a brilliant idea. I love it! And your poems are excellent. I love "pizza for the queen" in the birthday poem and scorpions singing down the moon in the other. I will go share this with my poetry group immediately and look forward to what I see in spines.

  5. Congratulations on the revisions and a new project on the horizon!!!! Wonderful spine poetry ... esp. loved the Newbery one.

  6. Spine poems do flex different mental muscles, don't they? They're like puzzles, in a way.
    How lucky you are to love the revision process! It's such a vital part of the work, but sometimes overlooked.
    Best of luck as you begin your new project :-)

  7. Very fun! I adore the Newbery poem!

  8. Hi there Becky, glad to hear that you students enjoyed doing the book spine poetry too - we love doing this as well. So much fun.

  9. I just love book spine poetry. Thanks for sharing yours. And congrats on completing your manuscript!

  10. THANK YOU, everyone, for all of your comments! Time got away from me (again) but I wanted to let you all know that I read and appreciate your input! = ) I am looking forward to writing more Book Spine poetry soon!


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