May 28, 2013

Young Reader Review: WONDERSTRUCK

After a fun-filled adventure in Ireland with my husband, I am happy to return to blogging today. I will share more about my trip in the weeks to come, but I can now honestly say that you can never eat too much fish and chips, hear too much great Irish music, or visit too many castles--although my husband would argue this last point! J

Today I am happy to present the next installment in my Young Reader Review series. Our reviewer today is Ethan, a super smart fourth grader who has loved books all of his life and is very excited to share a new favorite with us. It is so nice to know that there are such enthusiastic young readers out there, isn't it?

Hi, Ethan. Thank you so much for joining us today! Tell us a little about yourself.

I am 10 years old, LOVE Minecraft, LEGOs, books, and TV. Playing the piano is something I really enjoy. When I grow up, I want to be an astronaut because I love space.
Wow! You have a lot of wonderful interests! What types of books do you enjoy reading?
Graphic novels are my favorite. My favorite graphic novel series is called Zita the Spacegirl by Ben Hatke. Maybe soon I can do a YRR about this book, too!
I like classics too. The novels I've read that I really liked are Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde, The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, Alice in Wonderland, 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea, and The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn. And I just started Oliver Twist!
I know it is hard to pick a favorite book of all time, but tell us about your current favorite.
I recently finished reading a book called WONDERSTRUCK by Brian Selznick.
I think I like this novel because it’s a great intertwinement of picture and story, past and far past. In this sub-graphic novel (50% drawing, 50% words), a boy named Ben sets out to find his dad, who he thinks is in New York. Instead he finds someone he didn't expect.

Rose’s story as a girl in 1927 is told in drawings alone. Ben’s story in 1977 intertwines with Rose's to make an interesting story. Both Ben and Rose are deaf. Ben starts out hearing impaired, but after being struck by lightning he becomes deaf. This is the first book I have read that both of the main characters are deaf.

WONDERSTRUCK sounds like a great book with a unique perspective. I will have to check it out! Are there any kinds of books that you wish there were more of?
E-books. I wish there were more E-books. When I read E-books, I feel like I combine my love for electronics and my love for reading.

Well I think you're in luck, Ethan--the publishing industry is definitely making room for more E-books. It is amazing to have access to thousands of books on one little E-reader, isn't it? Is there anything else you’d like to share?
Let me know if your readers want me to do a YRR on Zita the Spacegirl!
I definitely will! Thanks again for joining us today, Ethan, and Happy Reading!
JYou're welcome! Thanks for posting my review on WONDERSTRUCK!J


  1. Wonderful feedback, Ethan. Sounds like a great book. Keep reading~~~

  2. I will check out Wonderstruck after such a wonderful review...and I want to hear about Zita the Spacegirl myself!

    1. Me too, Helen! Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Thanks, Helen. I can certainly do it!
      Ms. Becky, just "gimme a holler" when you're ready.

  3. Becky: Thanks so much for hosting Ethan and allowing him to share his love for books!

    Ethan: Nice work! I'm so proud of you! What a wonderful review you've written of a fantastic book. I'll be excited to see your YRR of Zita the Spacegirl, too. (Love, Mom)

    1. You've got to be one proud Mama, Leigh! Kudos to YOU for sparking a love of books in Ethan that will last his whole life through! = )

  4. Awesome review, Ethan, and great interview, Becky! I will be following your blog now! :) Ethan, I've been eyeing Wonderstruck for a while now...I'll be sure to pick up a copy this weekend, thanks to your terrific recommendation. Nice work!

    1. Thank you so much, Jen! I am glad you enjoyed Ethan's review!

    2. Thanks, Jen. I hope you found it. -Ethan

  5. how cute! i love when kids are involved with books. sounds like a fun read.

  6. Dear Becky,
    Thanks for sharing Ethan's views on books he likes.

    Dear Ethan,
    Thanks for sharing your ideas about Wonderstruck. It is interesting that the author chose to share two characters who were deaf. It would be frightening to be deaf, I think.

    Celebrate you
    Never Give Up
    Joan Y. Edwards

  7. Ethan, you really hooked me! I want to go find this book now. I love reading mixed with part of the story being in the pictures. It can add depth and I need to explore this type of book more. Thanks for sharing!


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