Aug 4, 2015

Great Websites for Children’s Writers

I get super excited when I come across helpful websites to use during the writing, editing, and marketing process, so I am sharing a list of my favorite online resources today. Please include any of your favorite sites that are not here in the comments below—I am sure I have missed some, and would love to have as comprehensive a list as possible!

General Writing Resources:

SCBWI (the Society of Children's Book Writers and Illustrators) is a wonderful resource, with local groups in many states:

The SCBWI Blueboards (formerly the Verla Kay Blueboards) are a wonderful resource, and access to most of the information does not require membership in SCBWI. Lots of published authors, illustrators, and agents post regularly, and it is such a great support group for the children's/young adult writing community:

Absolute Write is another great (free!) site for writers of all genres. Check out the forums:

Rhyme Zone is one of my favorite writing sites! You can look up rhymes, definitions, famous quotes, synonyms, antonyms, etc. for any word. I use it ALL the time!

Visual Thesaurus is also a great tool. There is a small yearly fee, but it has been worth every penny to me!

Harold Underdown is an experienced children’s editor who freely shares his knowledge about writing for kids:

“Grammar Girl” Mignon Fogarty is a go-to resource for questions about grammar:

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) is observed every November by writers brave enough to tackle a first draft of their novel in 30 days. The whole concept is very inspiring, and the NaNoWriMo community is so encouraging:

The Poetry Foundation is an excellent resource for poetry lovers:

The Academy of American Poets also has a fantastic poetry website:

The American Library Association is a great resource for anyone interested in children's books:

The Children's Book Council has a fabulous site, as well, and is a handy resource for finding children's books:

Agent and Editor-Related Sites:

AgentQuery is a good agent-hunting site. Click on "Blog Roll" in the left-hand column for a good list of agent and editor blogs:

Query Tracker is a great site for tracking submissions to agents and editors. A basic membership is free, but you can pay $25 for a premium membership:

Publishers Marketplace costs $25/month, but is worth it while agent hunting. It has great information on what is getting published these days:

Publishers Marketplace also has a free weekly children's publishing newsletter called PW Children's Bookshelf. Go to: and click "subscribe" if you are interested. 

Writer's Digest editor Chuck Sambuchino's Guide to Literary Agents Blog has super information: 

The Predators and Editors website lists agents and editors, and has tons of other information:

Literary Rambles is a website that has a huge list of literary agents specializing in children's literature. Every agent is not listed, but Casey and Natalie add new agent profiles regularly:

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  1. What a stack of wonderful resources! Thank you very much for sharing these, Becky. You're a jewel!


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