Nov 20, 2014

POETRY FRIDAY: The Poetry Friday Roundup is here this week!

by Becky Shillington

Once again it's Roundup time,
So wrangle up a bit of rhyme.
Or rope a rhythm ’round the beat,
Then clap your hands and stomp your feet! 
If smart free verse is more your speed,
Let that lively prose stampede.
Just lasso in your favorite style,
Then hang your hat and stay awhile! 

I am so excited to be hosting my first Poetry Friday Roundup this week! I hope you’ll grab your favorite hot drink, settle in, and enjoy all of the wonderful poems and poetry-related fun our writer friends are sharing this week! I’ll be enjoying my favorite writer’s hot toddy today, a (non-alcoholic) ginger tea warmer:
For the quick and easy recipe, click here.

Please comment below and include your name, topic, and website. I will add them to the list throughout the day. I look forward to visiting you all! Have a beautiful Thanksgiving and happy writing!

This Week's Roundup:
To kick off our party this week, Joy at Poetry for Kids Joy is sharing a fun Thanksgiving poem and poetry prompt. Please visit Joy at:

Robyn Hood Black at Life on the Deckle Edge reflects on season of change and the blessings of friendship, and shares a wonderful Thanksgiving poem from an anthology complied by Lee Bennett Hopkins. You can check out her beautiful post at

Iphigene from the Gathering Books blog shares a moving original poem titled "Monsters in the Darkness" at

Jama at Jama's Alphabet Soup is showcasing 21 Cool Gifts for Poetry Lovers! Please visit Jama at

Diane at Random Noodling has a fun poem by Robert Francis called "O World of Toms" on her blog:

At Kurious Kitty's Kurio Kabinet, Kurious Kitty shares a wonderful poem from the 1949 anthology My American Heritage: A Collection of Songs, Poems, Speeches, and Other Writings Dear to Our Hearts 

At Today's Little Ditty, Michelle has two special guests, Bridget Magee (who's written a great limerick about a turkey) and Tom the Turkey:

Linda at Teacher Dance has a contemplative poem about a horse that she will be sharing with her class soon:

Bridget at Wee Words for Wee Ones celebrates National Adoption Day at her blog:

Matt at Radio, Rhythm, and Rhyme shares his original poem "Steam Train" on his blog:

Carol at Beyond Literacy Link has a monster-inspired poem to share today:

At Charles Waters Poetry, Charles recaps lots of fun literacy- and poetry-related goings on at!POETRY-TIME-BLOG-#18/c23vc/A57E4F53-09AF-4EC8-9420-45B325DBD4CB.

Tabatha at The Opposite of Indifference has a poem by Rose Solari to share today:

On her blog today, Liz has an original poem about the cold weather that has been so prevalent this week:

Margaret at Reflections on the Teche shares a poignant poem about the bunk bed her girls shared when they were small:

Amy at The Poem Farm shares her poem "Morning Song" on her blog today:

At Hope is the Word, Amy shares a wonderful review of David Elliot's By the Sea:

Katie at The Logonauts talks about poetry memorization with kids and discusses a poetry anthology entitled "Forget-Me-Nots, Poems to Learn by Heart":

On her blog today, Karen shares a poem by David Kirby about the magic of poetry:

Ruth at There is No Such Thing as a Godforsaken Town shares "Ode to a Box of Tea," by Pablo Neruda:

Mary Lee at A Year of Reading has a review-ette of J. Patrick Lewis' and Douglas Florian's Poem-Mobiles at

At her blog Check it Out, Jone celebrates fellow Poetry Friday participant Margaret Simon, blogger at Reflections on the Teche and winner of the 2014 NCTE Donald H. Graves Award! Congratulations, Margaret!

At her Bildungsroman blog, Little Willow shares the beautiful lyrics to Brooke Fraser's "Brutal Romance."
Doraine at Dori Reads shares a pumpkin poem by John Greenleaf Whittier, and a resting posture to revive the pre- and post-holiday mind and body!

At On Point, Lorie Ann shares an original haiku titled "Fluttering Past."

And at readertotz, Lorie Ann shares a beautiful bird poem from On the Wing, a poetry collection about birds by David Elliot.   

JoAnn at the Teaching Authors Blog has a Thanksgiving thanku to share today:

Melissa at Here in the Bonny Glen shares a funny story from the Poetry Club she hosts for homeschoolers:

At Pleasures from the Page, Ramona discusses Manger, the new anthology from Lee Bennett Hopkins:

On her Booktalking blog today, Anastasia Suen shares a fun excerpt from Lisa Wheeler and Barry Gott's new book, Dino-Boarding:

Heidi at My Juicy Little Universe posted live from NCTE today about the Newtown Poetry Project, a program that began in response to the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary in 2012. Please visit Heidi at:


  1. Becky, Welcome to the "Grown-ups Hosting Table" at Poetry Friday! Actually, I guess we all really belong at the kids' table, don't we? Thanks for Rounding up.

    I'm in with thoughts on open doors and much to be thankful for, and a poem from a terrific timeless collection compiled by Lee Bennett Hopkins.
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. That poem is fun! I like all the rounding up terms and poetry forms in it.
    At Gathering Books we offer an original poem about the monsters in us as inspired by a novel.
    Happy Thanksgiving!


  3. Cool Roundup poem, Becky! :)

    At Alphabet Soup, I'm sharing 21 Cool Gifts for Poetry Lovers:

    (My link goes live at 6 a.m. EST.)

    Thanks for hosting this week!

  4. I'm so glad you've decided to take the hosting plunge! At Random Noodling I'm sharing a poem by Robert Francis, "O World of Toms.""

    Kurious Kitty has a lovely old poem by Elizabeth Coatsworth, "Counters."

    Surprisingly, both poems have a round-about connection to Thanksgiving. Have a great holiday, everyone!

  5. What a great little ditty you've written for the occasion of your first Poetry Roundup! Hope you enjoy it, Becky, and thanks for hosting!

    On Today's Little Ditty, it's Thanksgiving in Limerick Alley. Bridget Magee and Ty the Turkey are my guests.

  6. I love your roundup poem, Becky. Thanks for hosting this Friday before Thanksgiving! My poem is one chosen for my new class, always looking for ones that fit!

  7. Third times a charm? My other two attempts at commenting got swallowed up...Fabulous poem to set the tone for Poetry Friday, Becky! This week I am celebrating National Adoption Day with poems, pictures and a video. My post entitled, "Adoption Day Celebration" is at:
    Thanks for hosting! =)

  8. Thanks for handling the PF hosting duties, Becky! (That's quite a welcome you wrote!) Today I'm sharing another short poem, inspired by two of our PF regulars:

  9. Becky, congratulations on opening Poetry Friday this week. For a newbie, you did a fabulous job with your original poem. I am offering my monster-inspired haiku that Michelle Barnes invited us to write that you can find at: I am having a wonderful time at NCTE 14 meeting many Twitter friends in a face-to-face setting. Happy Thanksgiving.

  10. Thanks for hosting. I have a new post at my POETRY TIME BLOG. Enjoy!!POETRY-TIME-BLOG-#18/c23vc/A57E4F53-09AF-4EC8-9420-45B325DBD4CB

  11. Thanks for inviting us to hang our hats, Becky! I hope you don't mind if I put my feet up :-)

    My post today has poems by Rose Solari:

  12. Thanks for the rollicking, rhyming welcome! Today I'm sharing a poem about the unseasonably cold temperatures we've been experiencing.

  13. Thanks for hosting. And thanks to all my Poetry Friday friends who have supported me in receiving the Donald Graves Award at NCTE. I am honored to be a part of such a warm and generous group of writers.
    Today I am posting an original poem about motherhood and a bunk bed.

  14. Welcome to hosting! And thank you for inviting us all in with such a fun poem and a yummy drink recipe too. I will try it once I shovel out from snowy WNY!

    Over at The Poem Farm, I have my second snow poem of the week - "Morning Song" - and a writing exercise to try.

    Here is the link...I forgot it last time!

    Happy Poetry Friday!

  15. I shared a short review of David Elliot's book In the Sea. Thanks for hosting!

  16. Thanks so much for hosting! We have been getting into the hot toddies here too with the snow starting early.

    Over at The Logonauts, I am sharing about poetry memorization with kids and the book Forget-Me-Nots Poems to Learn by Heart. Thanks!

    - Katie

  17. Thanks so much for hosting! I'm in this week with David Kirby and "This Magic Moment." The link is here.

  18. Thanks for hosting! Here's my contribution today: You'll see that it fits in well with your ginger tea! I will have to try your recipe.

  19. Thanks for hosting us this week! I'm sharing JPatrick Lewis' and Douglas Florian's book POEM-MOBILES in the seventh post of a ten post marathon of poetry book review-ettes.

  20. Celebrating Margaret Simon

  21. Thank you for hosting!

    I posted BRUTAL ROMANTIC by Brooke Fraser at my blog, Bildungsroman.
    (How's that for accidental alliteration?)

    Have a lovely weekend, everyone!

  22. Lovely to have you hosting, Becky. I'm sharing a stanza from John Greenleaf Whittier and a ten-minute resting posture for overdoing the wonders of cook/clean/hug/turkey/pie thing this next week.

  23. Thank you for hosting, Becky! Love your spirit. At On Point, I have a new haiku, Fluttering Past. Enjoy your day!

  24. I love the cheerful, inviting Roundup Rhyme! Today on the Teaching Authors blog, I continue our Three Weeks of Thanks-Giving series with another thanku and a list of things I'm grateful for (including Poetry Friday pals!):

  25. I shared a story from the Poetry Club I run for homeschoolers:

    Thanks for hosting!

  26. And at readertotz we recommend the gorgeous collection of bird poetry by David Elliott, On the Wing. Thanks again!

  27. I don't write poetry but I love reading it! This round-up is such fun! Will be clicking the links!

  28. Thanks, Becky, for hosting today. Love the Roundup poem and the flashing lights. I just picked up Manger, Lee Bennett Hopkins' new anthology.

  29. Thanks for hosting! At Booktalking I'm sharing Dino-Boarding

  30. Dear Becky, What a splendid poetry party you hosted! What a clever idea!

    Celebrate you and poetry
    Never Give Up

  31. Gee, I hope it's not all over! I posted this morning from NCTE about a great community/collaborative poetry project:

  32. Becky,
    You make a terrific hostess.

  33. Thanks, everyone, for posting your links and leaving comments! I had a blast hosting Poetry Friday this week, and am more excited than ever to have found this fabulous group of poetry lovers!

  34. Poetry is awesome. I love rhyming and have such fun creating the rhyming riddle for my blog each week! :) Lots of great things to check out from this post. Thanks for sharing!


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