Sep 20, 2013

POETRY FRIDAY: It’s Apple Pickin’ Time

Thanks to Tabatha Yeatts at The Opposite of Indifference for hosting Poetry Friday Today!
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Every fall my husband and I make the drive up to Flat Rock, North Carolina and visit Sky Top Orchard with our boys. We’ve been taking this annual trip since we moved to the Carolinas from Texas in 2008, and it’s something we look forward to every year. We all enjoy hiking through the orchard and picking our own apples, and my boys love reaching for the highest, ripest, most perfect fruits.

Sky Top Orchard is a true Carolina Treasure, and this is evident in its growing popularity.  Every year the crowds get bigger and the line for their hot, fresh apple donuts gets longer. This year we made it to Sky Top before the line got too long and devoured a dozen between the four of us in about an hour. (The donuts alone make the 2-hour drive worth every minute!)

As I was walking through the orchard enjoying the cool mountain air, I started brainstorming a September Poetry Friday post that would incorporate our family’s day at Sky Top. I hope you enjoy it, and ALL of the fruits of this lovely fall season!
Apple Pickin’ Time
by Becky Shillington
Crispy, firm, crunchy, sweet
Apples are a treat to eat
Red and green, big and small
We love to pick them every fall
Gala, Mutsu, Red Delicious,
Honeycrisp—good AND nutritious
Tangy, tart, juicy—CRUNCH—
We take a bite and then we MUNCH!

Ben and Will get their pictures taken every year by this tree!
For more information about Sky Top Orchard, please visit their website at They have a barnyard, pond, store, picnic/play area, and more! 


  1. I'm not sure there's *anything* I like more than apple cider donuts, freshly made! Sounds like a great tradition.

  2. I love apple picking! I hope I get to go this year.

  3. Love your "Apple Pickin' Time" poem, Becky! And now I can't wait to get up to NC for some apples!

  4. Love the poem! And Honeycrisps are my absolute fav apple. Also the caramel apples they sell in the stores this year are my weakness. I bought some last week that were covered w/sprinkles. And I ate them all by myself...

    1. Oh, I LOVE the caramel apples! I will be making some soon!

  5. Oh my, cider donuts! What a great tradition to go apple picking every year. Thanks for the sweet-tart, crunchy post! :)

  6. Mmmm, apples right off the tree. I have to say my mouth is watering! Loved your cute poem, Becky!

  7. Oh, you must be a belly-full-of-apple family right now... This is what I remember from raspberry-picking in Massachusetts and strawberry picking in California: one for the basket, one for me...

  8. What a fun poem! Your love for this family tradition clearly shines through.

  9. We love apples ... I mean, we are from the NW (apple capital of the world, it seems!). Hey, stop by my blog for a sweet award. And I'll see you soon!

    1. I hope you get some good apples this year, Vijaya! Thanks again for the nomination, and I will see you in just a few days!

  10. Wow, apple donuts! I haven't heard of this flavour previously, but I can imagine the tangy sweetness. Sounds like a lovely trip, and what a fun poem. :)


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