Mar 13, 2015

POETRY FRIDAY: Spring is finally here… right?

          Thanks to Laura at Author Amok for hosting Poetry Friday this week!

* * * * *
For Poetry Friday today, I wrote a haiku to celebrate spring’s long awaited arrival in my little corner of the world. Just in the last week, blooms have begun to peek out here and there, and birds are suddenly everywhere. We’ve had a few false starts lately, though, so I hope spring is here for real this time!

Free at Last

Spring pings from flower to tree,
A bouncing wild child,
Free from Winter’s grip.
Any day now, the first peach blossoms will pop out around here. I look forward to this every year!
Thanks to for this beautiful image.

I hope you’re enjoying YOUR first taste of spring, as well! Happy Writing!


  1. I like "spring pings" -- you capture that zest and liveliness of warmth and new blossoms! I don't really feel like we are there yet, since the geese are still standing on ice in our pond, but we are heading that way.

  2. Lovely poem and image! I like "spring pings" too -- and the idea of it being a wild child suddenly set free. Yes!

  3. I love haikus. I hope you all get a glorious spring. It sounds like it's been a hard winter in some states.

  4. I am picturing winter as a stern parent. Hooray to spring for breaking free and running wild.

  5. Dear Becky,
    Thanks for sharing your Haiku poem about Spring pings with us. Knowing you and hearing your cheerful voice is like springtime all year long.


  6. I like the use of 'pings' in your poem, Becky, and Spring is definitely my favourite season! Enjoy it.

  7. Just today I saw the first daffodils pushing green up where just last week there were piles (and PILES) of snow. Ping on, dear Spring!!

  8. That wild child is running amok now here in Florida... the pinging is more or less constant. :)


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