Dec 6, 2013

POETRY FRIDAY: A Poem for St. Nicholas Day

Thanks to Robyn Hood Black for hosting Poetry Friday today!

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On December 6, many countries around the world celebrate St. Nicholas Day. This holiday is the traditional feast day of Saint Nicholas, a devout Christian who dedicated his life to serving the poor and helping those in need. He was also extremely generous and had a huge love of children. Sound like anyone we know?
On Saint Nicholas Day, children wake to find their shoes filled with sweets and small gifts, and in some countries December 6 is the main day to exchange gifts. 

In celebration of this fun holiday, here is a poem from HANS BRINKER, OR THE SILVER SKATES (published in 1865) by Mary Mapes Dodge.

A Song for St. Nicholas
by Mary Mapes Dodge (1831-1905)

Welcome, friend! St. Nicholas, welcome!
    Bring no rod for us to-night!
While our voices bid thee welcome,
    Every heart with joy is light.

    "Tell us every fault and failing;
    We will bear thy keenest railing
    So we sing:
    Thou wilt bring us everything!"

"Welcome, friend! St. Nicholas, welcome!
    Welcome to this merry band!
Happy children greet thee, welcome!
    Thou art gladdening all the land.

     "Fill each empty hand and basket;
     'Tis thy little ones who ask it.
     So we sing, so we sing:
     Thou wilt bring us everything!"

Happy St. Nicholas Day, and Happy Writing!

* * * * *
For more information about Saint Nicholas Day, 
please visit the St. Nicholas Center's website here.


  1. How fun. I didn't know and I love that picture.

  2. It's definitely a fun holiday. Only wish we celebrated it when I was growing up. Thanks for the lovely poem!

  3. The old book covers get me every time. Mrs. Nostalgia and I get along well.... Thank you, Becky.

    1. I love old book covers too, Mirka. Visiting old bookstores is one of my favorite things to do!

  4. Hans Brinker was one of my favorite books growing up. Seeing the cover reminds me of how much I wanted to ice skate and race, but the clincher....not enough ice where I grew up...more ants and red dirt....lovely poem.

  5. There's an older gentleman that we know who always calls my husband(Nicholas) Saint Nicholas when he sees him. It's neat to have learned about this holiday, thx Becky!

  6. Aww, St. Nicholas! My eleven year old daughter still writes to Santa Claus. I think she feels that if she stops believing, she'd stop receiving. Hehe. Thank you for sharing this, Becky.

  7. What's that they say about great minds?--I have the same poem on my library blog this week!

  8. Happy belated St. Nicholas Day! Here's to keeping the magic alive!!


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