From YC Parenting's Fall 2016 Issue: 
Word Play: Helping Kids Choose Books
Playing Scrapbook Catch-Up

From YC Parenting's Summer 2016 Issue:
Word Play: Back to School

From YC Parenting's Spring 2016 Issue:
Word Play: Making Poetry Fun for your Kids
Protecting Kids from Summertime Pests

From YC Parenting's Winter 2016 Issue:
Word Play: Literature Comes to Life

The Gift of Music

From YC Parenting's Winter 2015 Issue (link no longer available):
Word Play: Making Spelling Fun
Simple Gifts to Make With Kids

From YC Parenting's Fall 2015 Issue (link no longer available):
Word Play: Raising Lifelong Readers
Stretching Games to Keep Kids Healthy

From Dallas Child Magazine, March 2007:
Mommy Diaries  

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